Meet EchoBoy Jr.

December 8, 2016

The Soundtoys family grew one larger with the release of our new EchoBoy Jr. delay plug-in. This is our free holiday gift to all current Soundtoys 5 bundle owners, available now in user accounts.

EchoBoy Jr. is also available at a special introductory price of $49 (reg $99) or free with a qualified purchase* during the Soundtoys Holiday Special sale which features discounts up to 25% sitewide. Introductory prices and offers end 12/31

EchoBoyJr Web 2x PM

Based on our acclaimed and industry-standard EchoBoy delay plug-in, EchoBoy Jr. has the same sonic character and some distinct features of its own. We packed the quality, utility and flexibility that pros love about the original best-selling EchoBoy into a single creative tool designed for ease and simplicity. Behind a streamlined set of controls are seven of the most desirable and iconic echo emulations of all time.

“We’ve been wanting to create an artist and budget-friendly version of EchoBoy for a while.” says Ken Bogdanowicz, Soundtoys CEO and designer. “It was interesting to revisit EchoBoy and listen deeply, pulling out our favorite sounds and crafting them into a new plug-in. In the process of curating, redesigning, and simplifying, I think we ended up with something unique and special. It’s way more compelling, and fun to use, than any of us ever expected when we first started this process.”

Here’s a little sample of what EchoBoy Jr. can do:

Behind a streamlined set of controls are seven of the most desirable and iconic echo emulations of all time. EchoBoy Jr.’s seven styles include:

  1. Studio Tape: Modeled on the ATR-102 half-inch two-track master tape recorder.
  2. Plex: Modeled on the classic EP-3 tape echo.
  3. Space: Modeled on a vintage RE-201 Space Echo.
  4. Cheap Tape: The sound of worn out tape, saturated with a mid-range boost.
  5. Memory: Modeled on the classic bucket brigade delay pedal.
  6. Ambient: Warm, chorused echoes with ambient diffusion.
  7. Transmitter: Resonant CB radio style transmitter effect.

The echo styles can be adjusted further by using the Saturation and Low and High Cut controls. The new stereo field Mode selector makes it easy to switch between mono, wide stereo, or ping-pong effects. Also new to EchoBoy Jr, the Glide control allows you to selectively enable or disable analog-style pitch sweeps during delay transitions.

EchoBoy Jr. includes a full set of 58 carefully designed and curated presets for easy access to the most useful and interesting delay-based effects for music production and mixing.

*Qualified purchases include Soundtoys 5, Soundtoys 5 Academic, all single plug-ins, and upgrades to Soundtoys 5.

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We’re ALL In.


We’re ALL In.
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