Soundtoys Bass Processing: Filters, Phasers, and Delays
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Creative Drum Processing Week


Creative Drum Processing Week
September 20, 2022

Whether you want to spice up some TR-808 samples, transform a beat loop, or add analog flair to an acoustic drum kit, Soundtoys has the tools you need.

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Creative Drums with EchoBoy: Tips & Tutorials
Jamie Lidell’s Secret Vocal Harmony Trick
Mitch Thomas: Mixing With Creative Effects
David Tolomei: Mixing Masterclass


David Tolomei: Mixing Masterclass
August 14, 2018

David Tolomei (Dirty Projectors, Beach House, Future Islands) breaks down his mix of Half Waif's "Silt," discussing workflow, plug-ins, and more. Shot at MixCon 2018, presented by SonicScoop and The Deli.

Discover the People, Process, and Effects Behind Prinze George’s New Single.
Exploring Reverb with Julianna Barwick
Tycho Interview: Gear, Inspiration, and the Creative Process
Introducing Process


Introducing Process
November 20, 2014

In the debut of Process, a new video series by Soundtoys, Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails share about their creative process.

Scoring an Indie Film in Vermont