Sound Design Week

This week we’re exploring the use of effects in sound design for creating and altering sounds for film and TV, games, radio or podcasts, character voice creation, synth patches, sample processing, or even live performances and music production.

Panel: Music for Film

We gathered Dan Deacon, Jason LaRocca, and Ryan Miller – three sonic producers who started as solo artists or members of bands, but now also work with studios to score and mix for film and games – to discuss the business of creating sound for the picture, differences in approach and creative process, the journey from music production to film scoring and sound design.

Jason LaRocca: Sound Design for Film Mixing

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the sound design techniques of Jason LaRocca with this free expansion pack of custom presets for film scoring and mixing inspired by his work on films and series like Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, Morbius, Godfather of Harlem, and Prey for the Devil.

Outer Limits

A FREE collection of otherworldly sound design presets, exclusively for the Soundtoys Effect Rack.

Soundtoys for VST3 Is Here!

We’re excited to announce the release of Soundtoys version 5.3.8 which adds VST3 support for our entire lineup of effects.

Bass Processing Week – Presets, & Tutorials

Bass is the glue that holds a track together, but getting that low-end to sit right in a mix can take some practice. FilterFreak, EchoBoy, Radiator, PhaseMistress, and Effect Rack chains can unlock secrets hidden within your bass track, and we’re here to help you learn how with tutorials, presets, and professional inspiration.