New! SuperPlate and Soundtoys 5.4

Meet SuperPlate. This incredibly powerful reverb is now available for sale both as a standalone plug-in and as part of Soundtoys V5.4 bundle, which adds SuperPlate to Effect Rack.

Soundtoys for VST3 Is Here!

We’re excited to announce the release of Soundtoys version 5.3.8 which adds VST3 support for our entire lineup of effects.

Beat Loop Manipulation Week

Bop along as we dive into a week of beat loop manipulation using Soundtoys effects and get inspired to contribute to the ever-evolving sound of contemporary music.

Live Mix: MPC into Effect Rack

Live from The Soundtoys Cave! Watch as producer Es-K performs a beat using his MPC Live and a MIDI controller mapped to Effect Rack.

Effect Rack for Beats

Watch how Effect Rack’s versatile suite of factory presets can kickstart countless rhythmic patterns and develop more dynamic beats, with just one click of your mouse.