Plug-In Your Vote

This Election is Critical

Democracy in the United States is at risk, and only we can save it. We are alarmed by the actions of our leaders to undermine the legitimacy of this election. Our president and his supporters have relentlessly attacked our free press, spread misinformation and unfounded fears about mail-in ballots, and have even gone so far as to question whether they will accept the results of the upcoming election. 

Soundtoys firmly believes in protecting civil rights and the environment. Lately, we have watched as a reckless administration has ignored the advice of scientists and public health professionals in the midst of a pandemic, torn up environmental regulations and treaties, and instigated division and fear of immigrants, minorities, and people of color. 

We believe our only hope to address the major problems of our time: racial justice, access to health care and education, climate change, and income inequality is for us to have a change of leadership – at all levels of government.

We are voting for change. We urge you to register and vote too. Vote early by mail or in person. Every vote counts. 

Let’s Fight for Our Future

We’ve partnered with to provide simple solutions and clear information to help you register, know your options, and prepare to vote on or before November 3. Simply enter your address and get ready to make a change.

BallotReady provides live, nationwide, non-partisan information about all candidates on every federal, state and municipal ballot in all 50 states.

Soundtoys proudly supports social issues and aids crises that matter to us most: civil rights, climate change, and rapid-response to natural disasters.