Summer Preset Inspiration

This summer we’re releasing a new Effect Rack preset every week. Follow our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages to get notified when we release a new one! Here are all of the presets we’ve released so far:

Week 1: Octave Down Divider

Rhythmic gated pitch-shifted magic to morph any audio into a whole new musical element.

Download Preset

Week 2: Ambient Padding

Creates a beautiful shimmering synth-like texture behind sustained audio and responds to dynamics of the incoming audio.

Download Preset

Week 3: Filtered Depth Charge

Generate thundering filtered underwater vibrations on percussion and drums.

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Week 4: Ambient Phased Vocal

A sweeping reverb to add a dramatic, majestic space to vocals.

Download Preset

Week 5: Eighties Gaties

Classic Gated Drum Reverb with grit.

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