Release Log

Little Plate Product Release (

November 7, 2017

Outer Limits Preset Expander

October 31, 2017

A FREE collection of 67 demented presets in 3 volumes: Effects, Voice, and Drones. Warp, mangle, and mutate any audio, or turn the Soundtoys Effect Rack into a fear-inducing sci-fi soundtrack generator.

Product Update (Mac) (PC)

January 18, 2017

(Free update for all version 5 product owners)

  • EchoBoy Jr. is now available in Soundtoys 5 and Effect Rack
  • EchoBoy Jr. is now included with individual EchoBoy 5 licenses and installers
  • Some Effect Rack presets now include EchoBoy Jr.
  • Fixed an issue where certain AAX plug-ins did not support multi-mono operation
  • The LFO rate parameter can now be automated in PhaseMistress and FilterFreak 1 & 2

Maintenance Update (Mac) and (PC)

November 2, 2016

(Free update for all version 5 product owners)

  • Fixed issue that was causing crashing in some 32-bit sessions with high memory usage.
  • Fixed DC offset issue in Sie-Q
  • Fixed issue that was causing crashes when closing plug-in windows in some host applications on OS X Mavericks
    • Fixed issue with 32-bit PrimalTap (previous version was 64-bit only)

    Product Update (Mac & PC)

    September 28, 2016

    (Free update for all version 5 product owners)

    New stuff:

    • New Sie-Q equalizer plug-in
    • New in-app notifier
    • Integrated bypass button
    • Integrated help menus
    • New Effect Rack presets that utilize Sie-Q


    • General GUI improvements, including improved text with kerning support.
    • Corrected display name for Audio Units versions to uses spaces/dashes where appropriate. Update Manufacturer name (“Soundtoys”). Users may need to clear audio units cache to see these updates.
    • Fixes compare light under certain circumstances in Effect Rack.
    • Fix of problem where an inserted plug-in into ProTools at 120BPM would not sync properly.
    • Fix bug where popup drawers would stop working under certain circumstances.
    • Fix automation index of Tempo parameter in Primal Tap (AU)
    • Fix issue where Recycle knob in Effect Rack would not write automation in AU

    Maintenance Update (Mac) and (PC)

    June 28, 2016

    (Free update for all version 5 product owners)


    • Fixed problems LFO syncing in Tremolator, PanMan, FilterFreak, and PhaseMistress. Those plug-ins are now properly aligned with the session tempo at all BPMs (when the MIDI switch in the plug-in is enabled). 
      • The issue was most prevalent in Cubase, Ableton Live, some versions of Pro Tools, but it is recommended that all users update to 5.0.4.

    Product Update (Mac only)

    June 2, 2016:

    (Free update for all version 5 product owners)


    • Audio Unit instances of Soundtoys plug-ins are now recalling automation data correctly in Ableton Live, Studio One, and Digital Performer on Mac OS X
      • After updating to 5.0.2, Soundtoys Audio Unit automation that was created with Soundtoys 5.0.1 or earlier in Ableton Live would be erased when the session was loaded.
      • 5.0.3 cannot recall Ableton automation data that was erased by 5.0.2, but will be able to properly load sessions created with 5.0.1 or earlier. For users who lost automation data with 5.0.2, we recommend reverting to a session backup created before you had saved it with Soundtoys 5.0.2 installed.
      • In Studio One and Digital Performer sessions, automation data was recalled incorrectly with 5.0.2, but will recall correctly after updating to 5.0.3.
      • Logic users were not affected by this issue, but we still recommend that all Logic users update to 5.0.3.
    • This issue and fix were tested in all of our officially supported hosts, with the addition of Studio One 3 and Reaper 5

    Product Update (Mac) & (PC)

    May 23, 2016

    (Free update for all version 5 product owners)


    • Plug-ins with the Analog Mode option now have a new “Op Amp” style to replace the Version 4 “Digital” style that was removed. In the previous version 5 release sessions using “Digital” defaulted to “Clean”. They now default to “Op Amp”. This will address the sound differences that some customers heard when recalling old sessions.
    • PrimalTap has a new Auto Gain switch added to the Tweak menu. When enabled, the output will automatically be lowered proportionally as the input gain is raised. This is the new default behavior for PrimalTap. Old sessions and user presets will open with Auto Gain set to “Off.”
    • Preset names, when edited, now display in italics to indicate an edited state


    • Preset names are now displayed correctly when sessions that were last saved with V4 are recalled (instead of reading “Default”).
    • Fixed an issue in PrimalTap where the Rolloff feature was not filtering the feedback loop as intended. (Note: this update will change the sound of some presets and sessions but is the correct and intended sound and behavior of PrimalTap).
    • Fixed an issue where Devil-Loc and Devil-Loc Deluxe knobs could jump to minimum or maximum when clicked in a certain area.
    • Fixed a problem where the delayed signal in EchoBoy might drop out under certain conditions.
    • PhaseMistress default settings will now sound identical to the default preset.
    • Preset names are now pre-populated when using the Save As… option.
    • Resolved a Windows problem where alerts could be hidden behind other windows.
    • Fixed issues that would cause the compare light to come on unnecessarily with certain plugins and presets.


    • Audio Unit instances of Soundtoys are not recalling automation data correctly in Ableton Live, Digital Performer, and Studio One on Mac OS X.
    • This issue was fixed in 5.0.3, which is now available for download in Soundtoys user accounts. Please see above for more information.

    Maintenance Update (PC)

    (Free update for all version 5 product owners)

    October 30, 2015

    Bug fixes for all Windows versions of Soundtoys 5 products.

    • Fix for issue where inserting a plug-in on Ableton Live 9.2.3 and Studio One 3.1 on Windows 10 would cause a crash.

    Maintenance Update (Mac & PC)

    (Free update for all version 5 product owners)

    October 13, 2015

    Bug fixes for Mac and Windows:

    • Fixes issue where Decapitator would not recall output gain correctly in some circumstances.
    • Fixes issue where Crystallizer’s GUI would not display “Direction” and “MidiSync” values correctly in some circumstances upon recall. Graphical only, actual sound was not known to be affected by this bug.
    • Minor updates to Soundtoys User’s Guide